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Parkland, WA 98444 - Landscaping & Brush Clearing & Gravel install

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This western Washington state home needed lots of work! We were tasked with achieving general improvement in all aspects of the yard rather than being assigned just one specific task. The yard hadn’t been worked on much in recent years and needed a new level of landscaping care.

The Challenges

This property is in a nice location and had a strong foundation, but it wasn’t cared for enough to fulfill its potential. There were lots of weeds throughout most of the yard and the grass was unkempt. There was a large amount of unwanted wild bushes that made parts of the yard unsightly and difficult to navigate. And very little had been done to enhance the aesthetic of the yard as a whole. We had our hands full.

What We Made

To improve the quality of the yard, weeds were removed and the grass was cut to a healthy height. Troublesome bushes and trees were trimmed or removed altogether, improving the visuals of the yard and making it easier to navigate. Fresh gravel was added to key areas around the home and all unwanted foliage was taken away.

Equipment used:

  • Pickaxe

  • Rakes and buckets

  • Weedeater

  • Hedgebar

  • Ford Diesel 350

  • Two-ton dump trailer

  • Kubota tractor


  • Weeded entire yard (front and back)

  • Cut down blackberry bushes

  • Mowed and weed eated small patches of grass in front

  • Installed 162 sq. ft. of gravel

  • Removed and dump all clippings/foliage

  • Remove two bushes - a climbing pine and a maple spout

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