Blackberry Bush Removal

A particular bane in the Pacific Northwest, blackberry brambles are tough, thorny, persistent, and can live for up to two and half decades… all of which makes them a natural foe of homeowners and gardeners. Blackberry bush removal can be a challenge, but with the right blackberry bush removal services, you can look forward to enjoying your space once again. Here’s a quick guide to what blackberry bush removal in Tacoma entails, why it’s so important, and how blackberry bush removal services can help you get the results you want.

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The Unique Challenge of Blackberry Bushes

Unless you’ve been extraordinarily lucky, you’re probably no stranger to the threat of unwanted plants to your lawn, garden, or landscaping project. But certain invasive species can be far more damaging and difficult to deal with than others. Blackberry bush removal in Tacoma is especially influenced by the regional appearance of the Himalayan Blackberry plant, which thrives in the local climate. This plant is known for its sizable, tangled roots, tough exteriors, and sharp thorns, all of which are less than ideal for any home environment, but especially those with children and pets.

What makes blackberry bush removal services so unique, however, is addressing the distinctive challenges involved in how this plant grows. The Himalayan Blackberry essentially reproduces underground, through rhizome shoots hidden beneath the soil, which can make it difficult to cut off growth at an early phase. Furthermore, blackberry bush removal can often be thwarted by how aggressively (and frequently) blackberry bushes grow. Blackberry seeds germinate twice a year, in both the spring and the fall, and a single thicket can produce up to 13,000 seeds per square meter. As a result, the approach to blackberry bush removal has to be intensive and systematic in order to be effective.

How Blackberry Bush Removal Services Work

There are a number of ways to remove a blackberry bush in Tacoma, depending on the specific area and severity of the growth, but here are a few of the major steps involved in the process:

Removal by Hand

  • Using an electric clipper or heavy-duty gardening shears, the vines of the blackberry bush can be cut back to a length of roughly six inches. The goal is to reduce the vines to a manageable length that can be gripped.

  • The specialist performing the blackberry bush removal services will take a firm hold of the remaining vine, and will pull upward, removing the pieces from the ground one-by-one. While this can be an effective way to remove a blackberry bush in certain cases, it is time-consuming work, and individual pieces can rarely all be pulled out by hand.

  • Using a trowel or shovel, the remaining pieces can often be removed by digging around the underground pieces of the plant called crowns. The process should take place twice a year, to match the seeding and growth cycles of the plant. As a note, this method may not always be 100% effective but can have a significant impact on curbing regrowth.

Removal Through Chemical Means

  • In some cases, the use of an herbicide may be the most effective means of removing a blackberry bush. If you’re considering this method, always consult with the professional who’s assisting with your blackberry bush removal services to make sure it’s the right choice for your setting and soil.

  • An herbicide can be applied in either liquid, spray, or pellet form, and should aim to go after the roots of the plant. It’s worth noting that an herbicide powerful enough to remove a blackberry bush in Tacoma will also be strong enough to kill most other plants in the impacted area.

  • Blackberry bush removal services involve the use of herbicide in late summer for new blackberry bushes, or in early autumn if the plants are more than two years old. To address blackberry bushes during the growing season, a spray herbicide is the best choice.

Clipping & Mowing

  • In the early spring, blackberry vines can be mown down to the level of the ground. However, it’s important to be cautious that vines are not too thick or overgrown, as this has the potential to damage the mower.

  • Clippers can be used to help remove a blackberry bush that’s too tough for a mower to tackle alone.

Ground Cover

  • An opaque, dark-colored ground cover can be used to deter future growth. In order to properly destroy the underlying roots and crowns, it will typically need to be left in place for a total of about six months.

  • This aspect of blackberry bush removal services is often best implemented after the use of other methods, such as clipping, digging, and hand removal, to not only remove a blackberry bush but also prevent its return.

A shovel digging into the ground while removing a blackberry bush.

Get the Best Blackberry Bush Removal in Tacoma

There’s no doubt that blackberry bush removal services are faced with a number of challenges, but Pierce Landscapers are up to the task. We employ a variety of methods and work with our clients one-on-one to ensure that blackberry bush removal is safe, effective, and sustainably executed for long-term results. We also take into account the unique attributes of your space and landscaping needs, so you can look forward to improving – and enjoying – your ideal outdoor space.

To learn more about our blackberry bush removal services, tailored specifically to the Pierce County area, we invite you to get in touch and take advantage of our unrivaled experience and expertise. contact us. to get the help and service you need today.

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