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Field Mowing in Pierce County, WA
Brush hogging, also known as field mowing, is a type of landscaping that gets rid of heavy brush and overgrown plants. Usually, people use this kind of landscaping to prepare their land for farming, development, hunting, and several other uses. At Pierce Landscapers, we’re experts in brush hogging in Tacoma!

Whether you’re interested in trying brush hogging yourself or you want to learn more about our services, explore this overview of how brush hogging works and how we can help your land thrive.

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What is Brush Hogging?

Brush hogging is when you cut back on overgrown flora, like trees and vegetation, to promote environmental health. While you might think this is similar to standard tree removal services or bulldozing, this sort of landscaping service doesn’t agitate the earth around the area. With our brush hogging services in Tacoma, there is no invasive root extraction or other environmental disruption. Once we clear your land, the soil has enough nutrients to nourish other plants for a healthier ecosystem. Clearing away the brush can even have a positive effect on neighboring properties!

shed overgrown by grass and brush

How Does Brush Hogging Work?

Field mowing and brush hogging are a form of rotary mowing. Our machines attach to the back of a tractor or mower and utilize the engine of the vehicle to level the growth of grass and tall saplings as we ride it across the ground.

You might think this sounds similar to a regular lawnmower. However, the brush hogging machine differs from a mower in several ways. For one, the brush hogging machine doesn’t have fixed blades. Instead, it has blades that shift on hinges that allow them to rotate and bounce when they come in contact with fixed items they cannot cut. With this bounce-back motion that moves the blades back and inwards, even if our machine blades hit rocks or massive trees, they’ll rotate to continue moving over the vegetation instead of getting stuck.

Work with the Experts

Many people attempt to brush hog their own property before calling in the experts. After enough time out on unmaintained land, they realize they don’t have the right tools for this kind of work. When you reach out to our team right away, you get the experts for field mowing in Pierce County, WA, out to your property right away for an assessment. We can help determine exactly what your land needs to thrive.
Whether you’ve recently inherited an unkept property or you want to use land you’ve had forever for something new, our brush hogging services in Tacoma can make a real difference. We can transform any wild environment into land that you can utilize for hunting, beekeeping, gardening, and more!

Dead or overgrown property does nothing for your benefit. It might even be preventing other parts of your land from thriving. Work with our team to cut back grass and weeds so that your soil can feed other valuable plant life.

How Long Will Brush Hogging Take?

The length of each case we take on depends on a variety of factors. Some of those factors may include:

  • The width of the blade we use

  • The density of the brush on your land

  • The evenness of the terrain (determines how quickly we can drive)

In optimal conditions, our experts can complete about three acres an hour. To mow this quickly, we require easy terrain with dry vegetation and no saplings. If there are any concerns about the terrain or thickness of the underbrush, we may have to slow down to one acre an hour. When we send someone from our team to you, they will assess the work and give you an estimate of what you can expect from our brush hogging services in Tacoma.

house with overgrown brush on all sides

How Often Should You Brush Hog?

How often you choose to utilize our brush hogging services depends on the size of the area you need to maintain and how you plan on using it. When it comes to areas used for hunting and pastures, we recommend cutting through the brush every six months to a year. If any of your flora grow more quickly, you may want to consider having someone come out every three to six months, as sometimes trees get too big and need to be dug out by hand.

What Are the Benefits of Brush Hogging?

Keeping your grounds maintained has much greater benefits than just looking nice. Our field mowing services can actually help you create agriculturally friendly land, property that’s ideal for hunting, and space for property development. By clearing away tall grass, saplings, vines, and excessive plant growth, you can:

  • Maintain pasture areas
  • Promote biodiversity
  • Encourage pollinators
  • Diversify wildflower growth
  • Attract wildlife, like deer

Whatever you want to do with your land, it’s possible with our brush hogging services in Tacoma. Develop your land any way you want when you schedule regular and careful maintenance!

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While you can clear your land on your own, having the experts on hand can save you time and money. We know exactly how much we can clear with our tools and when it’s time to get down and uproot things by hand so we don’t damage our machines or your property. When we complete our work, we’ll discuss the best maintenance options for your needs and schedule your next field mowing session.

When you choose to contact Pierce Landscapers for all your bush hogging needs, you’ll rediscover your beautiful property. With our skill and expertise, we can help your land flourish! Reach out to our team today to schedule a consultation and provide the details of what you want from your property.

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To get started on realizing your landscaping or gardening goals, we invite you to contact us anytime by phone or email. We look forward to providing you with the best gardening services in Tacoma, and to helping make your dreams for your outdoor space a reality.