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A properly maintained commercial landscape is essential to letting people know that you care about your business. A manicured lawn and shrubbery accented entrance are unmistakable signs of success in any corporate environment! If you think that your commercial landscaping isn’t representing your business as well as it could be, it may be time to reach out to the experts.

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What is Commercial Landscaping?

Commercial landscaping is different from residential landscaping because it is wholly for the public. It is a natural extension of your business into horticulture and outdoor design. Your landscaping should reflect your business’s values and personality, as well as delivering sustainability, seasonality, and functionality.

Our commercial landscaping services make both aesthetic and economic sense because we take everything from weather and climate to maintenance and management into consideration when presenting you with a proposal.

A corner of a business building with nice commercial landscaping

The Specifics of Commercial Landscaping

So, other than making your business look prettier, how do our commercial landscaping services benefit you? Our team can help your building look and feel more inviting to customers and guests through the use of plants.

The right plants can soften the harsh lines and angles of your building, balance a rough landscape, and hide utility boxes and storage areas. Artificial waterscapes, like ponds and fountains, can create a natural feeling inside and outside of your building. Your design can even represent your values! For example, choosing native plants and sustainable design for your commercial landscaping in Pierce County, Washington, can tell people you run a green business without anyone saying a word.

Our Process

The first step in our commercial landscaping design process is to meet with you and discuss your vision. Your aesthetic and your needs as a company always come first. Then, based on your preferences, we can make the best suggestions for which plants and features you may want to consider including in your space.

  • Site Evaluation

    When the plotting is complete, our team must evaluate your site to discover which plants best fit the space. The climate, current soil factors, and water drainage are all critical elements we need to explore. Each of these factors helps our commercial landscaping team make suggestions and give advice.

  • Implementing Your Plan

    After your residential landscaping plan in Tacoma is complete with plant locations and sizes, we’ll move forward with planting and installing your choices. At this point, we’ll be confirming specific plant types to purchase where previously we only discussed simple labels like trees, ground cover, flowers, or shrubs.

  • Use Locations

    There are multiple different purposes for various areas in your commercial space, including public spaces, internal staff spaces, and use spaces.

    Areas for the public include the entrance as well as exterior meeting spots where you want to create a comforting and welcoming ambiance.

    Your internal areas are where your team eats lunch or takes breaks. You may want to include garden walkways, sitting spots, and shaded locations to create an enjoyable atmosphere.

    Lastly, there are use areas where you store maintenance materials, place dumpsters, and have HVAC and electrical boxes. We may want to shield these areas from the public with a shrubbery or tree screen.

  • Implementation

    When your commercial landscaping plan is complete, our team can start installing features and planting greenery in the appropriate locations. We’ll finish each area in sections based on your priorities. For example, you may want to prioritize the entrance walkway to your building or make sure use areas are hidden as quickly as possible.

    During this time, you can make specific plant requests or simply approve our suggestions. For commercial landscaping in Pierce County, Washington, we would always recommend Pacific Northwest natives like Vine Maple trees, Common Snowberry shrubs, Deer Fern, and Wild Ginger.

Commercial Landscaping Services Breakdown

In addition to the design and implementation of commercial landscaping services in Tacoma, Pierce Landscapers also offers several other options to meet your needs.

  • Weed Control & Bark Replacement

    Our team has in-depth knowledge that can ensure your greenery is always flourishing. From weed control and mulch or bark replacement to pesticides and disease control, we’re here to keep your plants happy and healthy.

  • Hedge & Shrub Management

    You might find that after our team has completed implementation, you still need some maintenance and care. We also offer commercial landscaping services that keep your trees and foliage looking pruned and beautiful. Our landscapers ensure that your shrubs are always manicured and that your trees are trimmed for safety.

A business building with nice commercial landscaping.

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Our commercial landscaping services in Tacoma aim to fulfill your dreams without going over budget. With realistic estimates and practical recommendations, Pierce Landscapers is the number one choice for both one-time installations as well as regular maintenance. We always put you first, without compromising quality or customer service.

Let our commercial landscaping designs create a workspace that’s pleasant for staff and inviting for customers — all on your budget. When you choose Pierce Landscapers, you’re getting commercial landscaping services in Tacoma that offer more versatility, customizability, and expert knowledge than anywhere else! Work with us to get a dedicated project manager that will guide you through every step of our process and ensure your satisfaction with our work.

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