Forestry Mulching

Forestry mulching is a remarkably effective way to clear land while preserving the forest’s natural ecology. Landscapers utilize heavy-duty mulching machinery to take on enormous tasks, including land clearing and invasive species control.
If you’re considering finding a contractor for forestry mulching services, here’s what you need to know about this service before you decide what’s right for you. If you’re located in Washington state, make sure you consider the experienced experts at Pierce Landscapers for forestry mulching in the Tacoma area.

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What Exactly Is Forestry Mulching?

Mulching a forest is a method of land clearing that uses an advanced piece of machinery that both demolishes the trees and vegetation and grinds it into mulch on the spot. It is one of the most efficient and fast ways to clear landscapes and prepare them for other purposes.

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Forestry mulching in Tacoma is used for many purposes, the most predominant being:

  • Highway maintenance

  • Land clearing

  • Wetland conservation

  • Fire prevention

  • Invasive species control

What Does Hedge Trimming Involve?

While the process of hedge trimming may sound straightforward, it often involves more tools, greater expertise, and a more detailed approach than people often realize. At its core, hedge cutting services involve trimming or manicuring hedges to create a shape that supports the overall health, sustainability, and aesthetics of the plants. Here are the major steps of hedge trimming services:

  • Saves you from lengthy site preparation. Site prep for other forms of land clearing is lengthy and costly, but many steps are not necessary for mulching.

  • Eliminates the need for cutting and felling. Imagine the amount of time saved if you choose a mulcher rather than individually chopping down each tree by hand.

  • Eliminates the need for cutting and felling. Imagine the amount of time saved if you choose a mulcher rather than individually chopping down each tree by hand.

Forestry mulching is surprisingly affordable because it simplifies the task of land clearing, eliminating the need for cleanup and removal. It’s also incredibly fast: the largest forestry mulcher can clear up to fifteen acres in a day!

Types of Mulchers

There are several types of mulcher equipment for different forest mulcher services. The most common mulcher for construction sites is a commercial mulcher, which is used to dispose of large quantities of wood and debris. These machines pack an impressive amount of horsepower into an effective land clearing tool.

Not all mulchers are forestry mulchers. Another type of mulcher used for smaller jobs is simply a lawn tractor mulcher, which is effectively a lawnmower. These small attachments grind up the grass they cut so that your lawn is fed with a healthy amount of natural fertilizer while preventing the lawn from being overgrown.

Additionally, for small land clearing jobs (for instance, in your backyard) you can hire a small electric-powered mulcher or an equally small freestanding mulcher. Contact your landscaping professional to see what equipment is right for your specific job.

The Most Environmentally-Friendly Form of Land Clearing

You may think that clearing massive amounts of forest would be bad for the environment, and in some cases, it is. However, forestry mulching can be an earth-friendly way to maintain your land and/or prepare it for construction and other purposes.

In areas where there is so much overgrowth that wildlife or native species are being smothered and endangered, forestry mulching can reduce the density of the forest and prevent overcrowding. Mulching restarts a forest’s life cycle, which can help plants and animals thrive.

Additionally, mulching is also a great way to eliminate invasive species before they grow out of control. Many non-native plants choke the native landscapes at incredible speeds and can be devastating to a landscape. Invasive plants can be exceptionally hard to remove without the right machinery, especially if they’re encroaching upon a large area of forest. (Anyone who’s tried to remove thorny blackberry bushes in the Tacoma area knows the headache of removing overgrowth!)Finally, forestry mulching is an important forest fire preventative method. Mulching can be done proactively in order to reduce the number of fuel sources that could rapidly escalate a fire. Firefighters often use mulching before a controlled burn, which helps prevent forest fires.

Mulching can help mitigate the destruction of a fire even as it’s taking place by grinding the wood into a more manageable size and shape. Forestry mulching beyond the Tacoma area also helps clean up burned forests after a fire takes place in order to prevent erosion and minimize water pollution.

Leaves the Soil Intact, Minimizing Erosion and Drainage Issues

Many land clearers remove the top layer of soil when they remove the trees and vegetation. This can cause numerous environmental concerns, including:

  • Reduced soil quality, which prevents plants from growing well and staying healthy

  • Potential issues with land drainage and run-off (because the soil would normally absorb moisture)

  • Increased risk for erosion and sinking land

Forestry mulching not only retains the soil, it feeds it with all-natural native materials that allow for healthy decay and regrowth. This is much more eco-friendly than the alternative, as it effectively preserves the ecology of the forest.

A green shoot growing out of a bed of mulch.

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