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If you have a large property that requires periodic land clearing services, Pierce Landscapers is the company for you. Our landscaping, brush hogging, and overall plant maintenance expertise can ensure your land looks beautiful while it thrives. With years of experience, a transparent assessment process, and friendly customer service, you get the best land clearing team that Pierce County has to offer. Learn more about how we can help you when you explore this overview about land clearing.

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Benefits of Pierce County Tree Removal

There are so many reasons you may be considering land clearing on your Pierce County property. Check out these benefits to help you decide whether our Pierce County tree services are the right choice for you.

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  • Limit Disease

    Our Pierce County tree removal and land clearing service experts have seen many properties succumb to disease and death because of overgrowth. Rotting trees, stumps, and vegetation can spread diseases to other plants and eventually affect your entire property. It may even spread to neighboring lands! This type of unserviceable property also has a tendency to attract rodents and termites, which can make unhealthy environments worse. Land clearing in Pierce County is essential to the health of your property, cuts down on pests, and refreshes the ecosystem.

  • Develop Prettier Property

    When you choose our Pierce County tree services, you get to enjoy the aesthetic appeal of land that’s properly maintained. When your acreage is filled with weeds, tall grasses, dying trees, and refuse, it’s not fun to look out over your space. Elevate your property and what it has to offer you visually when you choose to utilize our land clearing services!

Types of Services

Pierce Landscapers is all about offering versatile services to fit the needs of every property owner in our area. With flexible land clearing in Pierce County, you can tailor property maintenance to ensure you’re getting just what you want from our expert landscapers. Learn more about the types of services we offer today!

  • Clearing & Grubbing

    No matter the size of your property or the plans you have for it, our land clearing services in Pierce County are the key! We’re the first step towards starting any large construction or development project. While you might worry about unpredictable terrain and difficult trees to remove, we have an amazing track record of success up and down the county! From rocky areas and steep hillsides to riverbanks and forests, our team will never give up.

    We have specially designed equipment and meticulously trained team members who know just what to do in every situation. Our heavy-duty equipment can deal with nearly anything, and our expertly trained operators are industry professionals.

An old tree stump in a small field
  • Stump Grinding

    Part of our Pierce County tree services includes stump grinding. Once trees are felled and removed from your site, our track-driven stump grinders come in and grind down stumps and root masses to complete the job. These grinders can handle all kinds of terrain, getting rid of even the deepest roots on your property to ensure your land is ready for excavation.

  • Selective Tree Removal

    We understand that not every tree on your overgrown land needs to be uprooted and removed. We offer selective tree removal services to enhance the character of your property and ensure the aesthetic appeal of your site. We have experienced arborists and landscape designers on staff who can help you choose which trees to keep and which to remove. They can advise you based on the location of the trees, their rate of growth, and their health!

  • Brush Removal

    In addition to our Pierce County tree removal services, we also offer efficient brush removal. Mowing down brush can be a difficult task when you have saplings and huge bushes dotting your land. With our powerful fleet, we can clear up to three acres an hour in optimal conditions. Let us grind down even your thickest undergrowth with our specialty machinery!

  • Right of Way Clearing

    Sometimes, you need land clearing services in Pierce County because there’s a project moving through your land that requires open space. Whether you need to navigate through forested areas or narrow tracks, we have a fleet of all-terrain vehicles and equipment that can clear the right-of-way paths you need fast. From gas and petroleum operations to electricity and fiber optic cable laying, we can handle it all!

  • General Cleanup

    Pierce Landscapers also offers general cleanup and clear away of whatever is on your land. Some highly forested areas have large networks of roots that you may need to remove. Our land clearing in Pierce County includes root raking that can extract the majority of the root system and leave the soil freshly tilled for the convenience of your project.

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