Lawn Mowing & Maintenance

Whether you’re striving to maintain the beauty of a commercial or residential property, lawn mowing and maintenance are essential pieces of the puzzle. Frequent visits from your local lawn mowing service in and around Tacoma, WA, can be a big help.
Your lawn will need unique maintenance depending on a variety of factors, including the time of year, the type of grass you have, whether you have any shrubs or flowers, and much more. Discover how you can ensure a pristine lawn every day of the year when you choose Pierce Landscapers for your Tacoma lawn mowing!

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Lawn Maintenance is Important

You want your lawn to be vibrant, green, and healthy. Don’t let weeds crop up because you haven’t been keeping an eye on the grass! With the help of our lawn mowing service in Tacoma, WA, your greenery will look pristine — no burned grass or bare spots here!

In addition to guaranteeing your lawn’s aesthetic, regular maintenance also promotes plant health. If you go too long without taking care of your grass, you might find that it has become unhealthy and damaged beyond repair. At this point, you may have to shell out a big chunk of change to replace your investment and revitalize the landscaping. Choose a more cost-effective solution with our regular lawn services in Tacoma.

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Specialty Tacoma Lawn Mowing

At Pierce Landscapers, our Tacoma lawn mowing specialists have years of experience working with grass and general landscaping. We can handle anything from lawn fertilization and crabgrass control to broadleaf weed control and lawn pest control. We can even test your soil for nutrients and enrich it as needed. Because lawn maintenance is about so much more than just mowing, our team is trained to take the extra steps needed to prune your trees, trim your hedges, and fertilize your flower beds, too!

If you’re calling us for the first time, we’ll send one of our professionals for a consultation to review your specific situation. Once we understand the scope of the work and the needs of your greenery, we can discuss the ideal combination of lawn mowing services in Tacoma, WA for you. Our tailored approach takes into consideration everything from the average rain your lawn gets to the climate in your area to ensure your lawn is getting exactly what it needs. We don’t provide one-size-fits-all solutions! Instead, we create each of our Tacoma lawn mowing and maintenance plans just for you!

Keep out diseases, pests, and unsightly dandelions when you choose to work with Pierce Landscapers today!

Service Based on Grass Type & Length

You might be thinking that you should schedule your Tacoma lawn mowing and maintenance based on how often your grass needs it. However, lawn maintenance is really about how much grass you cut as opposed to how often. Mowing your lawn too short or too frequently can lead to weak roots and brown spots in your grass. The white part of a blade of grass is usually the most delicate and tender. If it’s exposed to the sun, it may burn and brown very easily, leaving you with an unsightly lawn. On the other end of the spectrum, if your grass is too long, it can get smothered or grow mold that results in similarly dead grass.

Luckily, our lawn service experts in Tacoma know exactly how to treat your grass. We use some basic guidelines to determine how we treat your lawn based on grass length and type. In Washington, we typically work with Kentucky bluegrass, fine-leaf fescues, perennial ryegrass, and bentgrasses, but we have experience with all types of lawn grasses!

  • Tacoma Lawn Mowing for Long Grass

    A longer grass blade has roots that are well-established and grow deeper. This length of grass does best with twice-weekly mowing with lower mower blades. Each session takes off nearly ⅓ of the length of the grass to ensure it’s the optimal length. If a lawn specialist removes more than ⅓ of the blade, it can cause damage. It’s better to have more frequent sessions with less cutting to ensure the health of your lawn.

  • Tacoma Lawn Mowing for Short Grass

    Maintaining shorter grass can be a little more difficult, especially when it’s the growing season. Our team will take grass length off gradually over the course of each session to ensure you don’t get any weak spots or bare patches.

The Ideal Mowing Schedule

Part of our consultation with you will determine the ideal mowing schedule for your lawn. Once we know what type of grass you have and how long you want to keep it, we can recommend the frequency of our visits. You’ll generally need our lawn mowing services in Tacoma, WA more often during the growing season — once or twice a week on average. During the cooler seasons, when grass grows less, we’ll adjust your schedule for the new rate of growth.

One major consideration that will impact our Tacoma lawn mowing schedule is the grass’s hydration level. We prefer not to mow grass when it’s wet because it can damage our mowers and cause bare spots to emerge. During the rainy season, we’ll have to find days to come when the grass is dry.

A push lawnmower in the middle of mowing a lawn.

Choose Pierce Landscapers

Why should you choose to work with Pierce Landscapers for your Tacoma lawn mowing and maintenance needs? There are so many benefits to working with our team! In addition to tailored services to fit the specific requirements of your lawn, you’re also getting our years of experience in flora management and landscaping design. We put your lawn first, and treat it as if it was our own backyard! We care about the quality of our work and cultivating healthy relationships with our customers.

If you’re ready to schedule regular lawn services in Tacoma with our team, reach out to schedule a consultation today!

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