Patio Installation

Installing a patio is a fantastic way to create a comfortable, liveable outdoor space on any property. The design options are endless, and patios can be customized to fit any unusual shape, any furniture or activity spaces, and any unique patio landscaping choices.

As experienced professionals in patio installation in Tacoma, Pierce Landscapers has helped give many residential and commercial properties a beautiful new feature with a fantastic return on investment. If you’re ready to start creating your new outdoor space, read the below tips as a handy primer.

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Consider Patio Materials Carefully

There are hundreds of paving stones out there for Tacoma patio installation projects, and each has its own unique look and attributes. The material of your patio, whether it’s paving stones, tiles, or bricks, will have a significant impact on the style, longevity, maintenance, and weather resistance of your patio.

We highly recommend you consult our paving stones guide for a more in-depth look at the types of materials you can use for your patio or walkway. Here’s a brief overview of the options you have.

A professional paver kneeling and installing a rock patio floor.
  • Brick. A timeless option for patio installation for Tacoma climates in particular. Durable, but color may fade over time. Easy to maintain, and will look better than concrete over time. Limited reddish color options.

  • Tile. Comes in endless bold designs. Keeps feet cool in hot climates. If chipped, artisan tiles may be hard to replace.

  • Granite. Gorgeous patterns and hues. Chip-, scratch-, and damage-resistant. Extremely durable. Doesn’t fade. Heavy and expensive — should only be installed professionally.

  • Limestone. Reflects heat; perfect for hot climates and paving around pools. Long-lasting and tough, but it may be expensive.

  • Slate. Weather-resistant and durable; great for cold climates. Comes in many sleek, neutral colors. Like granite, heavy and should only be installed by a professional.

  • Cast-In-Place or Precast Concrete. One of the most inexpensive options. Comes in endless colors and shapes. Requires low maintenance, but may fade or develop cracks over time.

Stay Slip-Safe

We mentioned above that certain stones are bad for cold or wet climates. Due to the rainy climate in Tacoma, patio installation safety should be a top priority. There is one solution you can try to get a stone you really want in virtually any climate: slip-resistant coatings.

Slip-resistant coatings work especially well on concrete. Concrete is notoriously slippery when it’s wet or icy, especially if your area is prone to black ice. The coatings are slip-resistant, meaning they’ll increase your friction significantly to prevent slips, but they naturally can’t prevent everything. These coatings are often cost-effective, so they’re a great option to consider during the patio landscaping process.

Is Patio Installation a Doable DIY Project?

If you’re a savvy DIYer and you have a considerable amount of time to devote to installing the patio, then you could potentially take on a simple patio project. However, as professionals with years of experience with patio installation in Tacoma, we’ve seen many DIY pitfalls that lead to significant drainage problems, uneven placing, wonky appearances, and even property damage.

Important to note: The cost of undoing a poorly-made patio and getting it professionally reconstructed is going to cost you far more time, stress, and money than if you’d hired a professional in the first place.

If you’re still confident about your skills and you think you can install a patio yourself, take these tips into account:

  • Don’t skimp on the underlayers. Your patio will only be as good as the gravel and sand base beneath it and how well it’s tamped down.

  • Use a level. You don’t want a crooked, sinking patio. Uneven stones or bricks can trip someone and cause an injury. If your ground is uneven, you may need special equipment to level it.

  • Choose the right for your climate. Certain stones can get too hot in warm climates, and likewise, some stones are bad for keeping a safe grip in the winter. Ask a local expert for Tacoma patio installation assistance if you aren’t sure.

  • Do your research. Watch YouTube videos, read articles, and get professional or friendly advice if you can.

If you’re building an elaborate patio that you want to stand the test of time, we highly recommend spending a little bit more to get it installed professionally. A professional can do more elaborate and attractive designs, and they can ensure the surface looks neat, has suitable drainage, and lasts for a long time. Patios have a nice return on investment for your property, and hiring a professional helps maximize that potential.

Should I Install a Deck or a Patio?

Both decks and patios are a great way to create an inviting, beautiful space in your yard or on your commercial property. Here are some basic pros and cons between deck and patio installation to help you make an educated decision.



  • Raised above the ground, so it stays cleaner and more maintainable during cold seasons

  • Higher return on investment than a patio

  • Can be built on uneven or sloped backyards


  • More expensive than patios

  • Takes longer to install

  • Can only be attached to the house, making it an unsuitable option for relaxation areas away from the back door

  • Higher maintenance than a patio



  • About half as expensive as a deck, depending on the material

  • Takes less time to install than a deck

  • Can integrate easily with any size lawn

  • Integrates easily with walkways

  • Can be placed anywhere on the lawn

  • Lower maintenance than a deck


  • Is usually only comfortable in warm seasons or climates

  • Doesn’t work on highly uneven or sloped lawns

  • Less return on investment than a deck

A well-installed rock tile patio floor.

Contact a Trusted Patio Landscaping Professional

If you’re looking for patio installation in Tacoma, make sure you find a company that’s trustworthy, experienced, and thorough. We can transform your residential or commercial property from bland to beautiful.

If you’re interested in getting started, contact us and we’ll discuss our prices and options. We look forward to helping you create your dream patio.

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