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Keeping your property looking its best is reliant on choosing the right tree pruning service. At Pierce Landscapers, we pride ourselves on providing outstanding and high-quality tree pruning in Tacoma, WA, and tailor our services to the specific needs of our clients. Understanding what tree and hedge pruning entail is an important foundation to finding the services you need – and to keeping your maintenance regimen on point – so that you can enjoy your outdoor space to the utmost. Learn how to keep your trees and hedges at their healthiest and most beautiful with Pierce Landscapers.

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Why Tree Pruning Services Are So Important

Beyond the obvious gains in terms of aesthetics, tree and hedge pruning are vital to keeping plants healthy. Overall, tree pruning in Tacoma, WA often goes hand in hand with other gardening and landscaping processes, such as shaping plants for style and keeping trees and hedges contained to a particular section of the yard without infringing on other plants or properties. Combining both practical and recreational motivations, finding a high-quality, trustworthy tree pruning service in Tacoma can help address or prevent damage to your plants and keep your outdoor space looking its most beautiful.

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What Exactly Is Tree & Hedge Pruning?

Unlike other forms of maintenance – such as trimming or shearing, which may be performed on living leaves and branches – tree pruning services specifically aim to address dead, dying, or decaying growth. This is essential for multiple reasons, from the unsightliness of dead and dying branches, twigs, and leaves to rooting out underlying issues that can have an effect on the overall health of the plant. In instances when a disease is the underlying cause of the decay, effective and efficient tree pruning services are vital to rescuing the rest of the plant.

What Does Hedge Trimming Involve?

While the process of hedge trimming may sound straightforward, it often involves more tools, greater expertise, and a more detailed approach than people often realize. At its core, hedge cutting services involve trimming or manicuring hedges to create a shape that supports the overall health, sustainability, and aesthetics of the plants. Here are the major steps of hedge trimming services:

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  • You’re not sure what’s causing the problem. Since tree pruning services in Tacoma are specifically geared toward addressing existing issues, it’s not always easy to know what’s to blame. Without addressing the underlying issue, cutting out visibly decaying growth may not be sufficient as a long-term solution. A service that specializes in tree pruning in Tacoma, WA will be able to speak not only to the particular type of plant but also environmental factors in the region, offering not only short-term fixes but also long-term strategies for healthier plants.

  • Not all the damage is visible. Larger or denser hedges can make it tricky to know whether you’ve pruned enough (or if you’re in danger of pruning too much). Bringing in a tree pruning service in Tacoma can help keep the hedge and tree pruning process on track, guided by experts who know how to identify where damaged growth begins and ends.

  • You don’t have the right equipment or aren’t completely sure how to operate it. The tools involved in hedge and tree pruning can include large loppers, hand-held pruning shears, pole pruners (for upper branches or hard-to-reach growth), and various types of pruning saws. While the layperson is unlikely to have a full suite of pruning equipment, a company specializing in tree pruning in Tacoma, WA should be able to identify, supply, and correctly use the right tool for the job.

  • You’re afraid of over-pruning. This may be a significant concern, both from a visual appearance perspective and the standpoint of healthy vegetation. Over-pruning can lead to uneven future growth and can cause unnecessary damage to your plants (and of course, over-pruning can also lead to unsightly bare spots). As a leading tree pruning service in Tacoma, we highly recommend tree pruning services geared toward professional care and precision, minimizing the risk of over-pruning.

  • You want to support a larger vision for your outdoor space. Another reason to outsource your tree pruning in Tacoma, WA is to ensure that your larger landscaping goals are being taken into account. Tree pruning services can often be paired with other services like decorative tree trimming, gardening, and overall landscaping design, and partnering with a company that excels in more than one area can help you articulate and achieve your goals with an expert who understands your space and your vision.

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