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Fircrest, WA 98466 - Landscaping & Brush Clearing & Gravel install

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This northwestern Washington state home had been left unattended for too long! The yard could provide lovely outdoor living space with proper development, but its terrain is also a little unique. Turf proved to be the best solution due to the shape of the yard and the surrounding foliage.

The Challenges

This property, as with most Washington homes, had potential to look great, but it hadn’t gotten nearly enough love until we came around! Several large pines line its border, constantly berating it with needles which can limit grass growth. There is also a small hill as part of the yard making it more difficult to navigate. We had to be creative with this one!

What We Made

We cleared debris, including rocks, needles, and roots that interfered with the turf area. We installed leveling sand and turf to the main area, giving the owners a yard that is much easier to work with. We also installed river rocks around the entire border of the yard to improve its aesthetic and a 3-step stair to the lower level for smoother navigation.

Equipment used:

  • 2-ton dump trailer

  • Ford 350 diesel

  • Weedeaters

  • Rakes

  • buckets and tarps

  • Hedgebar

  • Pickaxe

  • Mallet

  • Shovels

  • Utility knife

  • Wheelbarrow

  • Compactor

  • Blower


  • Cleared debris to have a clean work area

  • Removed roots that were inside the turf area

  • Installed 6 yards of leveling sand

  • Leveled and graded sand to prep for turf

  • Compacted sand area with a compactor

  • Installed approx. 300 ft. of landscape edging to separate turf area from rock area

  • Laid, cut, and stretched turf

  • Installed 800 ft. of landscape fabric under river rock to prevent weeds

  • Installed treated post to create a 3-step stair to lower level

  • Installed 8 yards of 2”-4” river rock around turf areas

  • Installed 5 blue fescue plants on lower area

Here at Pierce Landscapers, we aim to satisfy every landscaping and gardening need of our clients. No kind of work is too difficult and no property is too complicated. We’d love to show you what we can do just as we’ve shown so many of our customers in the past. Give us a call for additional information - we’re excited to hear from you!