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Parkland, WA 98444 - Landscaping & Brush Clearing & Gravel install

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No car owner’s home is complete without a decent driveway. This was a lovely, quaint home, but the driveway was severely neglected! We installed a new, modern-looking gravel driveway for the owners to use and cherish.

The Challenges

There was nothing really wrong with this property in and of itself - except for the driveway! The old driveway was dilapidated and needed more than just lots of love - total replacement!

What We Made

We cleaned and leveled the grass path to the road to prep it and then installed 3 yards of rock base to the path fortified by steel landscape edging to keep it all in place. Then, we installed nice, minimalistic, modern-looking gravel to the driveway and leveled it smoothly.

Equipment used:

  • Pickaxe

  • Rock rakes

  • Mallet

  • Shovels

  • Buckets

  • Dump trailer

  • Kubota tractor

  • Ford 350 diesel

  • Utility knife


  • Scraped and leveled approx. 500 sq ft of grass to prep for a new gravel driveway

  • Installed 3 yards of 1 1/2” rock as base

  • Installed approx. 100 ft of steel landscape edging

  • Installed 5 yards of 5/8” minus gravel

  • Graded and leveled gravel

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